How Can I Ever Save the Deposit To Buy a House?

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As a mortgage broker I am hearing a lot from young couples who are struggling to get into their first home. They say things like:

  • “It is so hard to save a deposit for a house these days”
  • “We may never be able to buy our own home”
  • “We may be stuck renting for the rest of our lives”

However, if you have a solid rental history through a licensed real estate agent for 6 months or more, and can get a letter confirming that, you can raise your deposit from the sale of an asset, e.g. motor vehicle, a gift from family or even the First Home Grant where it is payable at settlement.

This means you don’t have to struggle to save the deposit for a house little by little over what feels like forever.
To find out more or to help you get started ring Paul on 0403344127.

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